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Saturday, February 9, 2002

Harvesting Hair to Show They Care
Local women commit to help a
worthwhile cause for children

Kendra Mikulec
photo courtesy of Front St. Photos, Canby, Oregon
By Roma Kae Eby
The Canby Herald, Canby, Oregon

Kendra Mikulec has an upbeat attitude about losing her beautiful mane of hair to the barber's shears Tuesday, Feb. 5. Her massive ponytail will be auctioned off at the monthly Canby Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 11:30 a.m. at Cutsforth's Old Town Hall.

"It's just hair," she said. "It's only superficial, and it will grow back."

The auction, and Mikulec's hair, will benefit Locks of Love, an organization that provides natural hairpieces for disadvantaged children who suffer permanent medical hair loss.

After 31-year-old Mikulec learned through friends about Locks of Love, she logged onto the organization's website and learned it takes 10 to 15 ponytails at least 10 inches in length to construct one custom made, vacuum-fitted hairpiece for each child.

It took almost two years for the longtime Cutsforth's Thriftway employee to get comfortable with the idea of growing her hair for charity, and she admits her husband, Patrick, still isn't completely sold on the idea. But she intends to have her hair "harvested" for the benefit of the children.

When fellow Kiwanis member JillMarie Wiles heard about the plan, the two women decided to go public with the project.

Wiles, of Beneficial Auctions in Canby, will conduct the auction, where anyone in attendance may bid to help raise money for Locks of Love.

The women also have made "Ponytail Roundup" posters and placed them in local beauty salons. The posters are advertising for people willing to commit to growing their hair, and is seeking friends and family members who may also contribute to the worthy cause.

"We have been canvassing local salons for other people to have their hair cut, too," said Mikulec. "Our goal is to have 140 ponytails by June 1.

"I'm trying to spread awareness of how devastating it is for children to lose their hair, and how difficult it is to go without hair in our society."

For more information on the Pony Tail Roundup call Mikulec at 503-824-3960; or Wiles at 503-263-4747.

State Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby, also will speak at the luncheon. He will address the upcoming special session of the Legislature and other topics of legislative interest.

To make reservations for the Tuesday Chamber meeting, call the Chamber office at 503-266-4600.