Ponytail Roundup

Some comments from contributors:
  • My daughter cut her ponytail off and I care about children so I cut my 18 inches of hair to donate. Adriana donated 18 inches
  • I'm definitely a recycler and this is something I've always thought was a worthy cause. Sue donated 10 inches
  • I'm a sophomore in highschool and I decided to donate my hair because it is a great thing to do. I'm happy that I can help someone. Kaylyn donated 10 inches
  • I decided I needed a change and didn't want the hair to go to waste. God Bless! Donna donated 10 inches
  • To just give another person my hair so they could have hair. Kelsie donate 10 inches
  • 45 years ago, I was six years old when my aunt cut off my pigtails, which I am donating after saving it all these years. Kareen donated 12 inches
    Because it made me sad that some kids don't have any hair. Sarah donated 10 inches
  • Donating for this worthy purpose is the ONLY reason for cutting my hair short. I haven't had short hair in 35 years! Paula donated 10 inches
    I cut my hair because I could grow mine back and others can't. My long hair bothered me and I'd get frustrated, but I new it would bring others happiness. Christina donated 16 inches
  • I decided to donate my hair because I wanted to help kids out. I look at this like a ministry opportunity as one more way to help someone. I have donated once before and I think it's fun. Krista donated 16 inches
    A gal from my church did it, so I thought I would do the same. Karmonde donated 10 inches
  • I'm glad I can be a blessing to someone. Nancy donated 10 inches
  • I cut my hair to help those who don't have as much hair as I do and I wanted to try something new. Emily donated 10 inches
  • I have donated it before. I just want to help kids so this time I decided to auction off the right to cut off my ponytail of 11 inches. Michael donated 11 inches
  • My first hair cut was in 1948 when I cut off a 14 inch ponytail. After saving it all these years, I'm now donating it to a worthy cause. Norma donated 14 inches
  • I've been thinking of cutting my hair, and wanted to donate it to Locks of Love. I wanted someone who needed to enjoy my hair and mine will grow back. Perri donated 11 inches
  • The thought of a child wearing my hair on their head just thrills me. To be able to give something of myself that I know someone else will appreciate makes my heart happy. Missy donated 10 inches
  • In 1952 I had to cut my hair, and I saved the ponytail. I wanted to donate it now. Maria donated 12 inches
  • I wanted to give a gift of happiness in return for the happiness God has given me. Sharon donate 10 inches
  • My daughter Jenny and I decided to donate our hair together. This is Jenny first cut in 9 years. We hope it makes someone smile. Jula donated 11 inches. Jenny donated 24 inches
  • I am a cancer survivor who is letting go of the past, honoring the lessons learned, and to celebrate life! Kathleen donated 16 inches
  • It meant a lot to me to donate and to help the children. Miriam donated 12 inches
  • I wanted to cut my hair short for a long time and my mom finally gave in when my aunt and I told her about Locks of Love! Cory Jo donated 11 inches
  • I cut my hair because I was going on to another job. I wanted to help someone especially a child. Douglas donated 10 inches
  • I've been thinking that I needed a change. So what better way than to donate to children. Loretta donated 22 inches
  • I'm 8 years old and I thought it was nice to give to kids who needed it. Ashley donated 10 inches
  • I'm 12 years old. I did this to help kids and in memory of my grandmother who recently died of cancer. Taija donated 22 inches
  • I donated because I wanted to. It was time. Judith donated 11 inches
  • I decided to cut my hair to help Locks of Love because it is an excellent cause! It's only hair to me and mine will grow back! Laurie donated 10 inches
  • I have a ton of hair on my head, God has blessed me more than abundantly. I love the idea that some child will be blessed in return. Jody donated 12 inches
  • I hope my donation of hair will help give confidence to a child. Colleen donated 11 inches
  • I grew my hair until I could donate it. I am joining the service so I had to cut it before I left. Chanelle donated 10 inches
  • I am passionate about helping children. Kendra donated 16 inches
  • I am 8 years old and I thought it is important that children have hair. I am happy that I can do this for a child that don't have any hair. Shelby donated 10 inches
  • I am in second grade and I wanted to give my hair to kids who needed it. I didn't want to have to brush mine and it makes me feel good to donate it. Whitney donated 11 inches
  • I wanted to donate my hair to honor my friend Evelyn who died of cancer. I feel honored to be able to give this simple gift. Annie donated 16 inches
  • I feel it's a great cause and I feel honored to be apart of the Ponytail Roundup to help Locks of Love. God Bless! Angela donated 16 inches
  • Because it's for a good cause and what better way to have my hair used? Cindy donated 17 inches
  • To me it is a great experience to give something like this to a child who needs it and I'd do it again! Jennifer donated 10 inches
  • I've been a teacher for 31 years. Children's self esteem is so fragile. Anything I can do to support this wonderful cause is my pleasure. Ann donated 12 inches
  • I am a 10 year old boy who grew my hair out for 2 years with Locks of Love in mind, and my Grandma Judy. Naovin donated 11 inches
  • I got a job promotion and my supervisor strongly suggested I shorten my hair. My wife has been nagging me for a long time to! I also did this for my mother who had breast cancer and had to wear a wig that looked terrible. Robert donated 14 inches
  • I donated my hair because I always loved having long hair to take care of and braid. I wanted to give it to a child that doesn't have hair. Barbara donated 19 inches